Experts for Patient Engagement


We understand patients. And we understand industry. We bring them together.


At admedicum, Patient Engagement is our business. We are experts in designing, enabling and executing patient- focused activities in your day-to-day practice. European-wide or locally.


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Be it about understanding the patient journey, finding the right patient experts or establishing patient advisory boards: We create value for both patients and companies by bringing them together at the right time and place. 


We provide your team with strong and practical approaches to create an environment of trust and effectiveness. Our vision is to make patient-industry collaboration business as usual!

Experts for Patient Engagement

We understand patients.

We are proud to launch

The Online Patient Engagement Guide!


Co-created in an amazing journey by admedicum and Holland BIO with the support of patient and industry experts. Version 1.0 offers users easy access to realistic case studies with tools and checklists that provide effective support in solving Patient Engagement challenges in the pharmaceutical and biotech industry.


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Business for Patients is in our DNA.

Why cooperate with patients?

Including patient expertise during the entire product life-cycle is key for truly patient-focused innovative products and services. It is instrumental for successful business. However, how can this be translated into practice? That’s exactly where admedicum comes in.



We help prepare your organization and shape the patient interactions in a way that creates sustainable value for both patients and your business. We provide “fit for purpose” approaches to establishing concepts, tools, advisory groups, networking, coaching and management support where it can help overcome the challenges of a complex relationship between patients and industry.



We provide down-to-earth day-to-day patient-centric business solutions. Together with our clients from the industry, we make patient-industry collaboration happen. We act as advisors, designers and enablers to build trustworthy and effective relationships between patients and industry. We help to merge beneficial impact for patients and value-for-money for industry.


Steffen Stürzebecher, SVP Head of Innovation Unit Specialty Therapeutics, Grünenthal 

His vision of a patient centric approach to pharmaceutical development, in particular in rare and orphan diseases, together with the implementation of a concrete series of patient focused events has created a momentum that our company is still benefitting from.

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Horst Mehl, past-president and currently honorary president of Mukoviszidose e.V., the German Cystic Fibrosis Association

 During his time as CEO of Mukoviszidose e.V., the German Cystic Fibrosis (CF) Association (2002 – 2014) and Managing Director of our research affiliate, Mukoviszidose Institut GmbH (2006 – 2015), I got to appreciate Andreas Reimann. I am a father of a son living with CF and I am grateful to what Andreas has contributed to the lives of ...

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Susan Stephenson , RN BSN CCRN Independent Rare Disease Pain Advocate and Consultant N. Chesterfield, VA USA 

 Philipp possesses all the many skills needed and essential for bringing  together patient organizations and their KOLs  into the limelight of industry! For more than 30 years, I have promoted genetic diseases and pain awareness as a health professional with a genetic disease and chronic pain.

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Dr Jenny Royle, Senior patient-centricity programme leader of Cancer Research UK, on panel facilitator Rachel Jone

Rachel interacts with patients and their families with both tact and ease, ensuring that we end up with networks of people engaged and wanting to be involved. She has an ability that I think is rare to find: naturally picking up on peoples non-verbal as well as verbal meanings very quickly.

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Siobhan Southam, Global Communications Lead AstraZeneca

 She is differentiated by her skill at delivery and bringing people together to ensure projects always deliver to time and with much good humour along the way! A true people person, she thrives in organisational situations that others might find tricky, embracing change and challenge herself and ensuring that others benefit and grow ...

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Benefit to clients

Benefit to clients

We support our clients in providing patient oriented products and services. Economical and profitable products and services contribute to the added value of more patient centric health care ...

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About us

About us

admedicum team members have the credibility, expertise, skills and experience to represent both the patient and industry perspective. We have worked on the patient side and in pharma and medtech industry positions. ...

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Learn more about our services and see some case studies in areas like „Understanding patient’s needs“, “Patient-focused products and services” and “Patient Engagement Management”.

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admedicum and HollandBIO presented the Patient Engagement Guide (PEG) at this year’s Dutch Biotech Event on June 29 in Utrecht, NL.


This practical online manual helps companies incorporate the patient’s voice within their organization, in a structural and guiding manner. Engagement of patients in every phase of the value chain is essential for better therapies and business success.


The Dutch Biotech Event is a platform organized by HollandBIO for biotech companies to share their expertise.


Maryze Schoneveld von der Linde, Rare Disease Advocate and Strategic Partner of admedicum® Business for Patients, and Philipp von Gallwitz, Co-Founder and Managing Partner of admedicum, led a workshop on Patient Engagement. Participants engaged passionately in the discussion about experiences and best practice approaches in patient-industry-interaction. Maryze and Philipp visualized a first time contact scenario with a role play, using a case study of the Patient Engagement Guide. By sharing her experiences from a patient’s point of view, Maryze gave valuable insights into reality examples of how respectful interaction in a cooperation between patients and industry, academia and even with the EU (!) should not look like! However, there are also more and more very good examples for how patient industry interaction can create real value for patients and companies alike.


Engaging with patients is crucial for companies of the medtech and pharmaceutical industry. Incorporating the patient perspective into every phase of the product development process has become central for a patient-relevant and successful market access including pricing and reimbursement. Patients and their caregivers know best what a medical device or a drug should do or not to have relevant impact on the patient’s life. Additionally, patient’s input can boost the product development process, both in terms of speed and quality. Patient engagement thus not only lead to faster access to better drugs and products, it also makes a lot of sense from a business perspective.


“Engaging patients may seem obvious and easy to do at first sight”, says Philipp. “In practice however, it quickly becomes clear that it is highly complex and requires skills, experience and networks new to many companies. It all comes down to a key question: how to organize patient engagement in a way that is meaningful and value-adding for all parties? Our experience shows that the required skills and insights don’t come natural to every organization.”


To offer companies a helping hand, HollandBIO and admedicum teamed up to develop the PEG. The PEG is an online guide that zooms in on real-world patient engagement cases, providing an extensive amount of information and insights on this topic. Additionally, the guide contains very practical tools and checklists, that allow every organization to get into motion and discover the mutual benefits of patient engagement.


You can get free access to the PEG here!

We are delighted to announce that admedicum has the honor to call Maryze Schoneveld van der Linde a new Strategic Partner! Maryze, is a rare disease advocate and expert by experience regarding drug development, active patient involvement from the patient perspective, empowerment related issues and building networks. Maryze is a Pompe patient bound to wheelchair and thus has been advocating the actual real life experience of patients at many international conferences, events and company patient engagement initiatives. 

We are delighted to announce that admedicum has today welcomed a new Associate Partner to its team. Rachel Jones who is UK based, is former global Global Patient Centricity Lead at Astra Zeneca and experienced Patient Engagement Expert. She is a welcome member of our growing International consultancy team which aims to connect Pharmaceutical companies with patients in order to deliver the best solutions for all. Rachel has over a decades ...