Services and Products

Health-care providers who wish to translate patient-centredness into practice for both patients and their relatives come accross three important questions:

  • What exactly are the needs of the patients?
  • How can they be met within the business context of the provider ? 
  • And: how can a credible and sustainable relationship with patients be established and maintained?  


We are devoted to answer these questions.

We analyse your situation comprehensively, we set up a strategy jointly with you and implement tailor-made programs aiming at an improvement of your patient-centred performance. Of course we also offer critical evaluation and controlling. We will be proposing and implementing corrective measures whenever necessary.

We help companies identifying patients’ needs,  developing products meeting them and communicating the patient-relevant benefits to the stake holders, including market-access authorities, physicians and patient-organizations appropriately. Of course, our services are modular and can be arranged around your needs.

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  • Together we will work out what it is exactly that you understand by putting the patient at the centre and what your targets are.
  • The next step will be to support you to systematically analyse your knowledge of the needs and degree of satisfaction of the patients you provide care for.
  • Wherever necessary we will suggest to engage patients in a systematic dialogue for a better understanding of their needs and personal situations.
  • Finally, we will help you to establish a transparent and neutral contact with patients to establish their views of the care provided by you.


Taking the results of the analysis as a starting-point, we will draw up an integral programme that is directly aimed at the needs that were singled out by you and your patients. Such a custom-made programme can involve one or more fields of activity.


In keeping with our philosophy that service is not to be provided without consulting the patients, but should always be a two-way process, we attach great value to testing concepts in selected settings (e.g. in focus groups).


We will then take care of a cost-efficient and closely coordinated implementation of the programmes that were agreed with patients and, whenever possible, tested with selected patients


In order to do so we have access to a network of partners that we can involve in the process if and when necessary.


Of course, we will provide a 'one-stop' service!


We provide an evaluation of services provided in relation to predefined targets and, if necessary, we can make suggestions to introduce alterations and/or improvements.


Comprehensive reporting as to the services provided, their execution and effectiveness   is one of our standard practices.


We attach great value to systematically engaging patients in the evaluation and identification of necessary corrective measures to be taken. We will offer structural advice as to how this is to be executed in concrete cases.


Controlling and successfully executing newly established services need a consistent orientation on newly established company strategies. We will accompany you on this route and will provide you with our long-term support.


This will raise the quality levels of your services and at the same time also safeguard the success of your company.