Services to patients' organisations

More often than not organisations for patients and their families face serious confrontations:

  • What targets should be aimed at?
  • How can they be reached?
  • What organisational conditions are required?
  • How to secure long-term funding?
  • What is the best way to act in fields of activity, such as information supply and public relations, sponsoring research, therapeutic support, patients' register, psychosocial consultation?
  • How to initiate and maintain long-term collaboration among patients' organisations, medical practitioners and scientists?
  • How to maintain relations to companies active in the field of medicine (pharmaceutics, medtech, clinics, health insurance companies, private insurance companies and other service providers) in a way that is transparent, sustainable and meaningful for all parties?

admedicum®, as a “fair intermediary”, helps organisations of patients and their families to face these confrontations and to cope with them.

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