About us

admedicum team members have the credibility, expertise, skills and experience to represent both the patient and industry perspective. We have worked on the patient side and in pharma and medtech industry positions. We understand patients and caregivers. And we understand industry.

At admedicum, Patient Engagement is our core business. We are experts in designing, enabling and executing patient-focused activities in your day-to-day practice. European-wide or locally. Whether you need a deeper understanding of the patient journey, finding the right patient experts, establishing patient advisory boards, or assistance in clinical trial recruitment: We create value for both patients and companies by bringing them together at the right time and place.


We provide your team with strong and practical approaches to create an environment of trust and effectiveness. Our vision is to make the patient-industry collaboration business as usual by integrating the patient view as an equal stakeholder next to physicians and payers in Europe.

How we work

admedicum was established in 2016 with Expert Partners and Activities currently operating in Portugal, Spain, Italy, Germany, France, United Kingdom, the Netherlands, and Belgium. Services are provided by our extended partner network in Ireland, the Nordics, Poland, Greece, South-East Europe, Austria, Switzerland, and the USA.


With an international expert team, meet them here

admedicum Map of Services in Europe


Our approach to patient engagement

  • All admedicum Partners have either strong experience within the industry working with patient organizations or within patient organizations working with industry or both
  • Established collaboration frameworks under the brand of admedicum Business for Patients with independent consultants or expert groups in the EU and US
  • Long-standing relationships with numerous patient groups and European associations
  • Expertise in the particular nuances of patient interactions; high credibility, strong credentials, and networks

  • Deep understanding of European regulatory and HTA expectations regarding patient-reported outcome data, QoL and real-world evidence

What we deliver

  • Patient Engagement Roadmap Workshop facilitation, followed with a detailed patient engagement action plan for the client prioritized based on impact, complexity, timelines, resources, and costs
  • Online Clinical Trial Recruitment using a Patient Landing page approach that pre-screens then sends relevant leads to the clinical trial sites for more information on joining the trial
  • Patient Landscape Mapping including interviews, social media screening, and analysis of disease-relevant patient organizations to enable our clients to identify the most important patients, stakeholders, and their objectives as a basis for their patient engagement efforts
  • Patient Pathways - a detailed understanding of patient insights and healthcare gaps through creating interview guides, execution of qualitative interviews, and creation of reporting
  • Co-created clinical trial design and recruitment strategy to meet patients’ expectations and keep studies on time
  • HTA relevant Real World Evidence (RWE) ideas as a basis for internal decision making obtained through multi-stakeholder co-creation sessions led and moderated by admedicum
  • Co-created clinical trial design and recruitment strategy to reduce sponsor costs and keep studies on time
  • Creation and Moderation of Patient Advisory Boards
  • Patient relevance reviews of the client's product development plan to optimize the collection of HTA relevant feedback and as a basis for internal decision making
  • Co-created, patient-oriented, Patient Support Programs that benefit patients and their families and achieve client goals
  • Market research, Medical writing support, and the creation of Whitepapers

We can provide more services based on your company or patient group's needs, write to us at info@admedicum to set up a time to talk with us. Read more about admedicum's experience.


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