Patient orientation

Benefit to clients

We create value by making meaningful patient-access to our clients' products and services possible. We achieve this by bringing patients and companies together at the right time and the right place. 


This way patients benefit by accessing innovative and truly patient oriented products and services. And companies increase their chance for return on investment.

Efficiency (examples)

  • Faster clinical trial recruitment and higher retention rates and involving patient experts in the trial design and execution
  • (Co-)Create patient-reported outcomes and real life evidence to show the actual impact on patient’s life beyond clinical data points
  • Understand and optimize therapy adherence together with patients to ensure the right therapy at the right dose at the right time is available to the patient.
  • Communicate patient-relevant added-value to Health-Technology Assessors credibly and based on the voice of the patients.

Patient (Customer) orientation (examples)

  • Understand the patient journey quicker by asking the patient expert

  • Patients-Included! market research on products and services that truly meet patients’ needs

  • (Co-)creation with patients of devices and administration forms

  • Creating competitive advantage by better understanding and meeting the needs of patients.

  • Dialogue with patients and patient-organizations along the product life cycle.

Credibility (examples)

  • Visibility and trust among patient and clinicians communities
  • Competitive advantage with regulatory authorities and payers through truly patient oriented products and services
  • Recognition by national and international influencers
  • Legally and ethically compliant and transparent relationships to patients and patient- organizations respecting the independence of all partners involved

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