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We help you understanding patient needs with a customized mix of approaches


Learning from patients and partnering with them to feed-in their expertise to professional players in the healthcare system, in particular industry, payers and HCPs, is our greatest passion. With every project, the goal must be co-creating solutions that benefit both – patients and your business.


Click on a case study to read about typical client situations and issues we encounter and how we take them on to find solutions that create benefit for all stakeholders. 

*All ideas for illustration only. Any specific recommendations require a detailed confidential discussion with the client. Contact us to get started in that process. We tailor our proposals and services to the needs of each client in a cost-effective manner that upholds patients’ dignity as the first principal.

Internal Patient Engagement Roadmap Workshop

The client wants to better understand and evaluate the ROI of potential patient engagement activities

Mapping the Patient Landscape

Understanding the major players on the national or European level

Understanding the Patient Pathway

The client needs to understand the needs, challenges, everyday life, preferences, and hopes for the future of families affected by a rare, genetic disease.

Multi-Stakeholder Co-Creation on Real-World Evidence

A client wishes to submit an HTA dossier to a payer institution for a therapeutic indication with many other approved treatments already existing on the market

Co-Creating Clinical Trial Design and Recruitment Strategy

The client needs to obtain the patient view and preferences on clinical trial design, especially in regard to the burden of the trial, in- and exclusion criteria and readability of consent material

Enhancing Clinical Trial Recruitment

The client needed assistance recruiting patients for a phase I/II trial in a disease area with many other simultaneously ongoing clinical trials

Developing a Patient Advisory Board

The client would like to establish a European patient advisory board to guide upcoming clinical trials, act as a sounding board to hear patient concerns firsthand and get regular advice from patient advocates on a variety of topics in R&D

Co-creating a Patient Support Program

A company is developing a new medical product for patients with a rare disease. Additional services, e.g. a patient-support-program (PSP), are considered important to help patients gaining access to new treatments when needed

Supporting Patient Access to Treatment

In order for the European Medicines Agency to maintain the marketing authorization for mexiletine, data was necessary to evaluate the use and access to mexiletine across Europe.

Patient Reports

There are a lot of impressive stories about how "the rare ones" deal with their daily challenges and find solutions. We want to introduce some of these people, share ideas, encourage and inspire.

Understanding patients’ needs
  • Patients as the 3rd component of TRIPLE-P market-assessment next to payers and physicians: Interviews with patients and relatives, patient-representatives and patient-influencers/disease champions (payers and physicians with renown partners)
  • Social media analyses
  • Description of patient-journeys based on patient- expertise
  • Surveys (offline, online) on the unmet patient need for developing added-value services
  • Focus groups to improve communication approaches: Interviews with patients or relatives to deepen understanding of patient-trail, touchpoints, and pain points
  • Mystery calls to patient-hotlines to assess information quality
  • Social media analyses
  • Description of patient journeys based on patient-expertise
Patient-focused products and services
  • Expert-interviews and advice on Target Product Profiles
  • Usability testing of medical products and services
  • Patient-access preparation and management
  • Patient-focused critique of HTA-dossiers
  • Publication-management of patient-relevant clinical or public-health research

In co-creation with Patients:

  • Supporting patient-oriented development of selected innovative digital solutions
  • Conceptual design and implementation of patient-registries
  • Catalyzing the conceptual design and the development of Patient Reported Outcomes
  • Patient-involvement in clinical trials (design, recruitment, reporting)

In co-creation with Patients:

  • Added-value services / patient support programs
  • Beyond-the-pill offerings
  • Conceptual design and implementation of patient-registries 
  • Conceptual design and implementation of innovative care-concepts 


Patient Engagement Management
  • Engagement planning for understanding the patient trail
  • Patient stakeholder mapping
  • Patient-expert interviews 
  • Systematic stakeholder-communication 
  • Internal organization of patient-affairs function 
  • Facilitating engagement with patient organizations and patient influencers/disease champions
  • Compliant strategic communication
  • Co-creation and implementation of added-value services
  • Disease-specific targeted patient information 
  • Creating and implementing patient-industry dialogue fora and communication platforms (e.g. patient-advisory boards) 
  • Creating concept and providing content for patient-directed websites 
  • Stakeholder mapping for improving patient-access 
  • Facilitating engagement with patient organizations and patient influencers/disease champions



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