Case: Co-creating a Patient Support Program


A company is developing a new medical product for patients with a rare disease. Additional services, e.g. a patient-support-program (PSP), are considered important to help patients gaining access to new treatments when needed.


There is a lack of knowledge about what program elements will be helpful for patients and relatives, what would be just “nice-to-have” and what can be potentially be perceived as inappropriate.



Our Solution

  1. Problem Analysis, Patient Segmentation, and Program Targeting
  2. Identification of best partners among patient experts
  3. Co-creation session prepared and moderated by admedicum
  4. Challenging status quo and identifying need-gaps
  5. Brainstorming opportunities for further improvements of program components
  6. Validation among “normal patients”


  • Strong basis for a PSP that truly benefits patients and achieves the client’s goals

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