Case: Developing a Patient Advisory Board


A client would like to establish a European patient advisory board to guide upcoming clinical trials, act as a sounding board to hear patient concerns firsthand and get regular advice from patient advocates on a variety of topics in R&D.


For compliance and data protection reasons, the client does not want to be in direct contact with individual patients or have to collect their data. The company did not know the right patient experts, how to identify them and was unsure how to ensure an efficient and compliant dialogue.



Our Solution

  1. Developing a charter describing the mission of the Patient Advisory Board
  2. Identification of best patient advisors for the clients’ Patient Advisory Board
  3. Facilitation by admedicum of the first Advisory Board covering topics including:
    - Clinical Trial Design
    - PROs/QoL
    - Patient-friendly informed consent form
    - Recruitment strategy
    - Patient Support Program


  • Continuous exchange with a standing, high-quality Patient Advisory Board

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