Case: Enhancing Clinical Trial Recruitment


The client needed assistance recruiting patients for a phase I/II trial in a disease area with many other simultaneously ongoing clinical trials. In addition to the typical local site recruitment strategies, the client wants to investigate other ways of sharing clinical trial information with the potential patient community and the public.



Our Solution

  1. Co-creating a Patient Landing Page with patients that includes online pre-screening and patient concierge service
  2. Simultaneously launching a landing page for relevant physicians
  3. Designing information materials with patient input for referring physicians to share with their patients
  4. Approval of all materials by Ethical Committees
  5. Joint dissemination of trial information through patient groups, social media and potential referring physicians
  6. Supporting further contact with highly targeted online and social media advertising
  7. Production of educational videos and a video on the personal decision making process of a patient considering participation in a clinical trial


  • A significantly higher number of patients screened faster through direct involvement


Watch our webinar on the topic of enhancing clinical trial recruitment using patient engagement!


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