Case: Internal Patient Engagement Roadmap Workshop


The client wants to better understand potential future patient engagement activities in a therapeutic indication where they lack prior experience or a network of existing contacts. Internal organization towards supporting patient engagement has begun but is not yet optimized for the challenges and needs ahead.


The client needs to prioritize resources to maximize the results of their patient engagement efforts with activities and underlying objectives that will bring the greatest value to the patient community and the company.



Our Solution

  1. Analyze current Patient Engagement (PE) activities and results
  2. Evaluate business plan, market surveys and patient population data
  3. Implement a PE workshop with CEO, CSO, COO, BD, Clinical, Legal/Compliance, and other relevant members of the internal team
  4. Brainstorm opportunities for product development, market access, clinical data and reimbursement
  5. Co-create a final PE Roadmap that can be implemented by the internal team members with clear responsibilities going forward


  • Detailed patient engagement actions, prioritised based on impact, complexity, timelines, resources, and costs

Mapping the Patient Landscape

Understanding the major players on the national or European level

Understanding the Patient Pathway

The client needs to understand the needs, challenges, everyday life, preferences, and hopes for the future of families affected by a rare, genetic disease.

Multi-Stakeholder Co-Creation on Real-World Evidence

A client wishes to submit an HTA dossier to a payer institution for a therapeutic indication with many other approved treatments already existing on the market