Case: Mapping the Patient Landscape


The client is ready to begin engaging with patients for advice on designing a new clinical development program but lacks the relationships with patient associations or advocates up until now. A new employee dedicated to patient engagement will be joining the patient affairs team in six months. But the new team member is unfamiliar with the specific disease area and should be provided with a map of the patient landscape to guide their efforts as part of the onboarding process.


The client is not sure how to find credible partners to work with on patient engagement and enlists the help of admedicum to gain insights on the landscape of the disease area in question and to find potential members for a European Patient Advisory Board.



Our Solution

  1. Desk research on patient groups after agreement on medical conditions and countries to focus on based on Roadmap Workshop results or previous conversations with the client. (Optional: include other stakeholders like HCP)
  2. Identify more groups to work with through specialists
  3. Mapping can include the first contact with people at the major groups identified to measure willingness to collaborate
  4. Recommendation on prioritized partners for which purposes and a timeline of how to engage them
  5. The client uses the mapping document to guide patient engagement in target countries


  • A basis for establishing active relationships and find the right partners to finally work with per purpose

  • Strong foundation for continuous exchange and growth of patient engagement across the value chain

  • Gain a first understanding who is credible and which sensitivities need to be taken into consideration

  • Added information for patient access strategy in regard to priority markets and activities

  • Shared with local teams in target countries for outreach as appropriate

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