Case: Multi-Stakeholder Co-Creation on Real-World Evidence


A client wishes to submit an HTA dossier to a payer institution for a therapeutic indication with many other approved treatments already existing on the market. The client did not previously consult patients or patient organizations in the development of the Patient-Reported Outcomes data and is unsure how to approach it. The patient-relevance of the data has been questioned and is not well justified by the company.



Our Solution

  1. Identification of best partners among KOLs, allied health professionals and patient experts
  2. Co-creation session prepared and moderated by admedicum
  3. Full-day session jointly with the internal team 
    - Challenging status quo and identifying need-gap
    - Brainstorming opportunities for further clinical and health economic evidence
    - Conceptualizing a plan for additional QoL/PROMs data
    - Co-create more patient-relevant endpoints acceptable to the company


  • HTA relevant Real-World Evidence (RWE) ideas as a basis for internal decision making in future data collection

Co-Creating Clinical Trial Design and Recruitment Strategy

The client needs to obtain the patient view and preferences on clinical trial design, especially in regard to the burden of the trial, in- and exclusion criteria and readability of consent material

Enhancing Clinical Trial Recruitment

The client needed assistance recruiting patients for a phase I/II trial in a disease area with many other simultaneously ongoing clinical trials

Developing a Patient Advisory Board

The client would like to establish a European patient advisory board to guide upcoming clinical trials, act as a sounding board to hear patient concerns firsthand and get regular advice from patient advocates on a variety of topics in R&D