European Patient Landscape

A major requirement for sufficient and successful patient engagement on the European level is to understand the structure, functions, and relevance of patient organizations (POs) here. The FORUM eLearning session called Patient Landscape in Europe by admedicum will lead you through a comprehensive introduction to teach you how to get started.


First of all, if you interact with patient organizations, it is important to distinguish between their level of professionalization for understanding their capacity and available resources into account. POs on the European level vary in their skill sets but most are highly professionalized. The European Medicines Agency maintains relationships with more than 35 POs to frequently gather the patient view in their assessment processes.



During the eLearning, you will learn about the major EU players like EURORDIS, European Patients Forum, European Patients' Academy, and many more. There are also many examples of local country-based POs like Spierziekten Nederland and the importance of taking different cultural backgrounds into account when planning patient engagement activities.





Take into consideration that due to digitalization and the popularity of social media, the patient landscape around the world is changing. Therefore, we recommend you take informal patient groups on social media as relevant influencers into account. We call that Patient Support 2.0. This sounds complicated, differentiating between true players and less prepared players as well as identifying real and authentic representatives. Don't be intimidated, learn more below about the eLearning course Patient Engagement in Europe. 






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