Forum Seminar in Berlin: Update GSAV - Financing of innovative therapies, July 3 - 2019

Learn from the experience and exchange with our experts about CAR-T and other treatment breakthroughs and their reimbursement in the statutory health insurance


This symposium deals with the implementation of the GSAV guidelines in practice. You will learn how register regulations can look like in the future and and how they can be implemented. You will get an idea of how health insurance contracts and reimbursement amounts can be designed under the new framework conditions and whether the legislator sees any further need for regulation here.


In addition to the contributions of Dr. Haas (GKV-Spitzenverband) and Prof. Hecken (G-BA) Andreas Reimann talks about the possibilities of patient inclusion in registries as well as the generation of evidence and patients' access to new therapies.


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