Interview with the managing director of DGM

Patient commitment in times of crisis – German Society for Muscular Diseases (DGM) sets a good example

The German Society for Muscular Diseases (“Deutsche Gesellschaft für Muskelkranke”, DGM) is Germany's largest self-help organization for people with neuromuscular diseases. On its website, neuromuscular patients, their relatives and the supporting specialists can also obtain specific information on topics relating to COVID-19 under "Corona: Overview, helpful information and links". There, interested parties can find the relevant information on the following categories: General information, medical advice, breathing and respiration, dealing with stress, labour law, remedies and aids, assistance and care, parents and children, rehabilitation.
In addition to general and medical advice, patients will also find disease-specific information and help in relation to labour law issues, care and support in everyday life. In addition to the information available online, the DGM also offers the possibility to contact its advisory team to discuss personal concerns by telephone.
The amount of information that the DGM offers its members online is a model of successful patient engagement in times of crisis.
admedicum met with Joachim Sproß, managing director of the German Society for Muscular Diseases, to talk about the challenges that the corona crisis poses for patients and self-help. See here what he told us:



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