The Patient Engagement Guide 2.0 – new chapter, new case studies, new tools!

Since its release in 2018, the Patient Engagement Guide (PEG) has served subscribers from the pharmaceutical and biotech industry all over the world in their mission to incorporate Patient Engagement into their daily business.


Whether you wish to enhance existing Patient Engagement structures in your company bottom-up or to get some advice on specific Patient Engagement projects – the Patient Engagement Guide provides orientation for newcomers as well as detailed guidance for advanced approaches.


Months have passed and admedicum has delivered exciting projects, met inspiring people, participated in enlightening discussions – all the while evolving and learning about how to bring patients’ needs and industries’ potential closer together.


We are excited to share some of what we have learned and gather our experiences in version 2.0 of the PEG:

  • New case studies: Learn how to build a Patient Advisory Board or how to set up a Patient Support Program
  • New tools: Use practical checklists on what to do and what to avoid when collaborating with patients or patient organizations
  • New chapter: Get an overview of how regulatory and HTA processes impact the Patient Engagement movement. This chapter has been co-authored with Thomas Smith, patient advocate and member of the EU Health Parliament providing expert patient insights
  • Read more: Browse through the new readings and sources that we have compiled for you and learn more about the who is who in Patient Engagement, pioneering initiatives and meaningful projects


We want to thank all subscribers for their commitment to Patient Engagement and welcome anyone who is interested in experiencing the PEG. Do not hesitate to contact us. We welcome your feedback and questions as the guide develops. 


With best regards

Your admedicum Team

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