Webinar: Enhancing clinical trial recruitment: successful industry strategies using patient engagement



Almost 80 percent of clinical trials fail to meet their enrollment timelines, and nearly 50 percent of trial sites enroll only one or zero patients. The classic way to overcome this problem is to open more trial sites. Another option is patient engagement.


We explored how engaging with patients and getting their input on clinical trial protocols has a tremendous impact on patient support, recruitment time, retention and data quality. We then highlighted how during and after clinical trials, patient engagement is an effective way to save on costs while giving your product the best chance to succeed.



• Nancy Meyerson-Hess, Consultant Clinical Research, Chief Compliance & Regulatory Officer at eMQT, Expert Partner at admedicum
What patients can contribute to site selection, protocol design and the difference it makes when planning clinical trials

• Philipp von Gallwitz, Founder and Managing Partner, admedicum
How engaged patients can transform clinical trial recruitment while running clinical trials


• Dr. Tobias Kruse, CEO at Trials24
Why Online Patient Recruitment Is Difficult –But Important



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