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We are very pleased to welcome Vera Vennedey as Patient Engagement Consultant! Vera brings a strong background in patient preference analysis and health services research. A major project was a feasibility study of a preference analysis within the time frame of an early benefit assessment (three months) in Germany.  


We are happy to announce that admedicum was awarded the Global Health & Pharma Biotechnology 2022 award for Best Patient Engagement & Access Expert 2022

While there has been a centralized European marketing authorization procedure for years, Health Technology Assessments (HTA) remained decentralized at state level – this will change with the EU regulation (2021/2282) on HTA.

The video was developed by admedicum in cooperation with the German Society for Muscle Diseases (Deutsche Gesellschaft für Muskelkranke e.V.) as well as patients, relatives and Dr. Blaschek. It was sponsored by Italfarmaco.

We are delighted to share with you that the European Alliance for Newborn Screening in SMA received the 2022 EURORDIS Company Award for Patient Engagement as part of the Black Pearl Awards.

We are proud to be the Secretariat of the European Alliance for SMA Newborn Screening

Hopefully you share our perspective that patient engagement should be fully integrated into drug development. If you know anyone that needs convincing that effective patient engagement in the industry matters, here is our list

Patient preferences are used by Industry, Regulators, HTA/payers, academics, physicians, patients to inform decision making regarding topics like benefit/risk assessment, labeling, early access, and relevant endpoints

patient2site: Technology combined with unmatched patient engagement services to create successful patient recruitment strategies, trial awareness and boost enrollment.

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