Philipp von Gallwitz

Managing Partner, Co-Founder

Philipp has almost 20 years of management-experience in the innovative pharmaceutical industry. He is also a registered Attorney at Law in Cologne, Germany.


Philipp joined Grunenthal in 1999 as a product manager. He worked in various positions mostly related to strategy and business development ranging through the whole value chain of research and product development to commercialization. He worked for Grunenthal in Ecuador and Mexico and has long standing experience in Europe, Japan and the US. Between 2011 to 2014 he was CEO of Grunenthal USA Inc. in Bedminster, NJ. In 2014 Philipp led a strategic search initiative for future therapeutic fields, which among other things strongly contributed to the decision to start a new engagement in Duchenne Muscular Dystrophy and Parkinson’s. Philipp started several initiatives for engaging patients in R&D. His belief that patient-oriented business thinking is one of the keys for future sustainable healthcare triggered his decision to make himself independent.


Philipp is married and has 3 children. His 15 year-old daughter is severely disabled due to an unknown disease. He shares many of the issues and concerns experienced by chronically ill and disabled people in his daily life.


Since early youth he has been engaged in volunteer work in the catholic church, most recently as the speaker of the Christian Support Group for Refugees at his local parish.





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