We gladly answer your questions concerning the contribution of admedicum® at the below mentioned events. Registration shall be submitted via the concerned organizers exclusively.

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Risk based Monitoring, Study Feasibility and Forming Alliances

Conference Chair and Speaker on Patients as Partners

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Forum-Institut for Management: Patient Support Programmes

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Patient Partnering in Clinical Development (PPCD)

Chairperson for event which will bring together experts from industry, academia and patients to discuss patient partnering in clinical development

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Partnerships in Clinical Trials

Nancy Meyerson-Hess will be speaking on Patient Engagement, what you need to know and what you need to do

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FORUM Seminar "Medical Product Expert - Chronische Erkrankungen"

Andreas Reimann will  give an impulse on Patient Engagement in context of chronicle diseases.

EU Clinical Trials

Nancy Meyerson-Hess will  be speaking on Sponsor Oversight and Risk Management when doing Clinical Trials in Europe.


Further information will follow shortly.